Thai Language Courses

Test Tutor offers 3 levels of Thai language courses.



First Year ED Visa

Beginner Level

Phonetics and Pronunciation

(Vowels and Consonants)

This level is to get the students familiarized with the sounds and tones that are used in the Thai language.

Level 2

Second Year ED Visa

Intermediate Level

Comprehension and Sentence Structure

This level is used to understand the Thai language written system to form and understand words and sentences.

Level 3

Third Year ED Visa

Advance Level


This level focuses on using the Thai language with correct enunciation and accurate understanding while in conversation.

            Depending on the how quick the classes move through material and demonstrate mastery of the basics the courses will continue progressing into the more advanced subjects starting from basic letters all the way to speaking and writing with in the course of one year

            If you are wanting private lessons due to being already advanced in Thai or just want one on one learning we must first set up a meeting to assess exactly what would be the proper course lesson plan and pricing.

            Our courses vary across many different topics from daily life to business or particular issues that we can customize to meet student’s needs.

  • Quality guaranteed
  • Reasonable prices
  • Highly experienced teachers
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Small class groups
  • Up to 3 year ED Visa

About Us

            Test Tutor Chiang Mai offers both English and Thai language courses ranging from kindergarten to SAT/TOIEC/IELTS and is fully licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education (MOE). We promote learning through experience, an easy concept to understand, by giving students opportunity to practice their language skills outside of a classroom setting. Students learn by practicing in real-life situations. We will prepare you to be self sufficient in everyday activities and eventually be able to hold full on conversations with confidence. 

            Test Tutor Chiang Mai is located not far from Payap University. We are easy to get by red taxi, motorbike , or even bicycle. Depending on where you are coming from red taxis cost any where from 20 baht to 60 baht.

         All of the staff speak English and the school director is there most everyday. Calling to reschedule classes or changing times will never be a problem since being fun, flexible and relaxed is what differentiates us from the other stricter private schools. Class sizes willnever be more than a few students to help give students the attention and hands on learning needed whilst learning a new language.

            Food can be ordered from shop outside of the school and we offer a wide selection of cold drinks and snacks also. Free high speed Wifi is available through out the school and every room is air conditioned and kept clean.

            Learning Thai at Test Tutor which is fully-licensed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and getting an ED Visa for 1 year up to 3 years is the easiest and best way to stay in Thailand with out having to worry about visa runs. Aside from getting to live and experience the beautiful country of Thailand you will also get the chance to learn the culture and use it’s language for you living advantages.

Steps to process student visa (ED Visa)

1.Students with a tourist visa who are applying for an Education Visa need 15 days before their Tourist Visa expires. To register at the school please bring the following

a.12 photos (size 1.5” or 2” with polite dress)

b. Passport

2. Students must fill in all documents from the Ministryof Education (MOE) and application forms at the school.

3. Students will receive their 1st approval letter fromthe MOE within 3-4 weeks (student must pay the balance when this occurs)

4. Student has to go out of country to receive an ED VISAstamp (Education visa)(Non-immigrant-ED) (and pay to ThaiEmbassy about 2,000 Thai baht) with 90 days stamp ED visa**(There is no need to go out of country anymore 1-3 years after receipt of the ED VISA) **
**Those who come from India, China, Middle Eastern countries and some country from Africa need to return to their country to receive an ED VISA from their local Thai Embassy or consulate**

5. Students need to come back to our school with their stamped passport after receiving their ED VISA to process the next step and fill in further documents.**

6. The school will submit all documents to the MOE in order to get the 2nd approval letter.

7.Students will take the letters from the school to the Immigration Office in Chiang Mai to extend for their 3 month visa until finished (after 1 year)

** (Students must report to Immigration Office in Chiang Mai every 90 days (3 month) to update address and pay a fee of 1,900 baht) **

** You must come to our school 2-3 days before your visa expires to take the necessary documents to Immigration**

** If student have the trip out of country they must apply for Re-Entry (1,000 baht)at Immigration in Chiang Mai before leaving from Thailand **

**If students come from another school please prepare documents as follows;

1. Reference letter from last school.2. Resignation letter from last school3. If your visa expired before Thai course finished, you have to ask the documents from last school to extension at immigration.


*We accept cash and all major forms of credit cards.

12 month course with a 1 year ED VISA

ONLY 45,000 Thai Baht

·       Must call or contact us for the promotion

·       DHL/FEDEX Outside of Thailand

·       Photo Printing Costs

  • 600 Lessons a minimum of 10 hours per week

Upon receiving full payment Test Tutor will request a covering letter from the Thai Ministry of Education, and this letter will be used to apply for an ED Visa outside of Thailand.

Once the visa has been obtained, Test Tutor will prepare visa extension documentation and an acceptance letter on behalf of the student confirming the course details and it’s duration.